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Lilley's Marabou Jigs

Lilleys’ Marabou Jigs were custom crafted by Duane Doty for maximum action. They are hand-tied to last by folks in our area. That’s why we guarantee our jigs not to come apart, even after catching fish.

Simply send or bring a jig back to us and we’ll replace it, no questions asked!

What Sets Our Jigs Apart?

In the fishing world, anglers do whatever they can to fool a fish. The best way is to create a lure or fly and present it in a way that the fish thinks it’s something good to eat. That’s what we believe we’ve done with our marabou jigs.

The weak tends to be eaten first… and in the trout’s domain, things that fall erratically in the water column are perceived to be weak. Our marabou jigs are designed with an offset head that causes them to fall in a spiral, not straight down like most round headed jigs do. That’s what makes our jigs so deadly.

Additionally, the jig head collar tapers up toward the head with a small groove near the head. This helps keep the thread up close to the head so it won't slide down the collar. This doesn't help the angler who fishes it... it helps the tyer tie a better, longer lasting jig!

Sculpin Football Jigs

Our new sculpin football jigs are a re-imagination of Brad Wright's Taneycomo Sculpin - a fly that has produced big trout on Taneycomo for years. The football jig head allows this concept to be fished from a traditional spinning rod. Because of the football-style designed hook, these are fished off the bottom with the hook facing upward to reduce snagging. More weights and colors are on the way!

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